The Five of Us in Australia

Fig leaves in Adelaide.

Fig leaves in the winter sun.

Hello all,

I have been updating the photos every now and then, although the immeadiacy of Facebook has meant that dealing with the website has suffered somewhat. However it is a very long time since I updated this front page (two years), so I'm doing it now! The girls are nine and Cai is nearly six, they are all at school, what happened? I hit 40 and have continued on past, how can time be moving on so quick?

I went on a work trip to Europe this winter (summer for those of you in the Northern hemisphere).I took a huge pile of photos whilst over there, some of them not even of vines, vineyards or wineries. So there are some photos from that trip, there are new photos of the family for each year, there are photos from our short holiday back in Mildura earlier this year, and a few photos from other events. Have a browse around.

This site is a collection of pictures of us and places we've been since arriving in Australia. On the left is a menu which brings up pages of thumbnails. To see a picture just click on the thumbnail and a full size version of the picture will fill the main frame along with a caption. The default image has a long edge of 800 pixels, but you can select other sizes up to 1280 pixels and these will be generated on the fly. If you really want a higher quality image for some nefarious reason just email us and we can send a high resolution copy.

Keep in touch.

Ev and Beth.

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